Design & Installation

Installation of bespoke designed  sound, lighting and AV systems. Systems can be designed to meet the requirements of the venue and the operators. A wide choice of equipment to suit almost any budget make solutions accessible to a wider range of customers. lighting, sound, stage equipment, communications and multimedia in any type of situation are easily achievable.

Theatres, Studios, Churches, Education establishment have all benefited from our services.

Curtains & Tracks

Tracks & Curtaing
  • Curtains made to measure in a wide range of materials and colours.
  • Main House Drapes
  • Scenic Backdrops
  • Borders
  • Legs
  • Stage Covers
  • Projection Gauzes
  • Starcloths



We have experience of kitting out venues small and large such as school theatres and wellknown theatres such as Bristol’s Colston Hall.  We actualy do lighting designs for shows small and large so have a deep understanding of what is required.



Portable and fixed sound systems for theatres, multi purpose halls, meeting rooms and drama studios. Offering a range of facilities from simple audio playback to comprehensive radio microphones setups and digital mixing consoles. Systems are modular and can house a vast range of equipment.
Speaker systems to meet the acoustic needs of the space with delay speakers.


  • electric and manual operation screen -sizes up 8m
  • front and rear projection systems
  • long and short throw lenses
  • multimedia video inputs and switching
  • digital surround sound