Sound Hire

Our sound hire range has some of the best equipment available.

Sound systems for Music, Concerts, Theatre and Conference.

All our equipment can be supplied with or without a technician.

we can supply small anything from a 2 speaker sound systems right up to a theatre touring Rig with digital desks

Hire Range Includes

Radio microphones
Condenser microphones
Instrument microphones
Vocal mics
Stage pick up
Chorus pick up




Amplifiers 500w – 2kw




Graphic equalisers
Reverb, Effects
Compressor limiters

– see our dedicated radio mic hire page
Audio Technica pro range
Akg 451 460 414
Shure sm57
shure sm58
shure beta 52

Sound craft spirit, notepoads
Allen and Heath Zed Ml and
mix wizard ranges
Behringer X32
Yamaha M7cl 48

Ecler, Phonic and d&b adiotecnik

Electrovoice sx300
D&b E9 E3
Fostex Monitors

Bss Opal
Yamaha Spx
Dbx and Behringer