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Selection of great products for theatre, broadcast, presentation and events. 

  • All these products are designed and built by ourselves here in the UK.
  • Unlike many products they are fully reparable and serviceable by ourselves in the UK. 
  • Priced extremely competitively
  • Even if you are on a tight budget there is no excuse to buy cheaply made products that are thrown away when they fail. 
  • To back up the belief in our products we offer a very competitive 5 year extended guarantee
£351.99 +VAT

Antenna Distribution Units ADU & Spares

4 way radio mic ADU kit complete with all the cables

£144.99 +VAT
£263.99 +VAT

Antenna Distribution Units ADU & Spares

Bnc- Bnc Cable Kits

£36.80£104.99 +VAT
£21.99£39.99 +VAT
£32.99 +VAT
Out of stock
£34.99£46.99 +VAT
£84.99£145.99 +VAT
£89.00£139.99 +VAT
£99.00£139.99 +VAT