zero 88 Fat Frog moving light console

£274.99 +VAT

Used in near mint condition moving light control desk  very late version – manufactured 2007 blue lcds

used tested and fully working!

Silly cheap!

moving light control

all faders smooth with no dead spots. – unlike most used desks on the market which claim to work, but there is always a dud fader somewhere! The 3 thumb wheels run smoothly, again another common issue with All other used desks on the market

new backup battery installed. 

Dont be put off by the floppy disk drive. a simple £10 usb floppy disk drive enables all the latest moving lights and led products to be used with this console!

Great for theatre, with cue stack playback and submasters, modern led lights and movers

vga/ video output tested and working

full of features!

psu included






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