8 Universe Dmx Buffer ULSplit 128 outputs!!

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ULS manufacturing

The worlds most advance DMX Distribution System

  • 8 Dmx Universes 
  • 8 isolated outputs per universe 
  • 3pin and 5pin xlr for each output
  • Data led for each output
  • All the outputs are FULLY isolated. optically isolated and dc galvanic isolation. Meaning no matter what the fault on your dmx cabling or fixtures it is impossible for any of the other outputs to be effected 
  • Each universe circuit powered from its own internal power supply, for improved reliability and significantly reducing the risk of the whole unit becoming Faulty
  • 5v led per universe
  • powerconn in and outs
  • 5pin xlrs in and out per universe – rear of the unit
  • Ideal for using with your favourite Artnet Node 
  • 6u compact solution, saving rack space and weight compared to 1u 4 output units
  • Costing significantly less than 8 x budget 1u buffers (which often claim to be 8 outputs but frequently are 4 outputs but with 3 pin and 5 pin xlrs per output of which only one should be used at any time)
  • link any combination of the xlrs on the rear of the unit to increase the number of outputs per universe.


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