Trantec S5.5 + S5.3 radio mic systems and transmitters

£109.00£220.00 +VAT

Trantec S5.5 and S5.3 complete systems and single transmitters

Channel 65 + 70 uk legal 20 simultaneous frequencies!

Channel 38 also available

Silly cheap! nearly 1/2 price!

with a choice of beltpack or handheld transmitters

s5.3 and s5.5 channel 38 – supplied with standard frequencies

channel 65/70 – S5.5 and S5.3 are supplied as retuned units with the new channel 65 freq added

Please ask if you need them supplied with your own frequencies programmed into any of the banks to match any existing kit you may have

We have everything else in stock you might need. from power supplies. adus. antenna. rack ears. rack trays. flight cases. spare parts. JUST ASK!

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