Trantec hm22 Flesh headset microphones

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High quality headband microphone, which not only claims to be one of the smallest but also one of the lightest headband microphones on the planet, has been designed to be worn around the head and to be hidden discreetly under the hair.

The headband is engineered from a hard wearing nylon composite, which has been specially selected to withstand the most robust use and yet can be adjusted to fit any user’s head and ear shape.

Used, very clean and ready for service at a great price!

The High quality microphone optimized for speech and vocals, is mounted on a boom that can be bent into shape to allow for optimum sound quality.

A small membrane is inserted into the capsule housing which protects the capsule form moisture, make-up and any other dirt and can be replaced cheaply and effectively to allow the microphone to perform consistently at its best.


Manufacturer’s part number: MIC/TS22-B-R & MIC/TS22-P-R

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