Receive Green and reused Packaging with your order

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Our green packing goes to great lengths to save the environment and keep costs low


Purchase or bring onto our site almost ANY packaging materials recyclable or otherwise.

As a company the total waste for landfill is less than 3kg per week!!

We Achieve these impressive figures by:

Reuse packaging we receive from our suppliers, bubble wrap, air bags, boxes, packing chips etc

Reuse packing made up from many small items, postage bags, screwed up plastic films,plastic trays

we shred cardboard and paper in house. – We DO NOT shred cardboard with plastic tapes, plastic document envelopes. we remove all these before shredding

We part our waste and recycle all our metals. For example, if in the very rare instance we cannot repair equipment and put it back into service or used sales, we will strip electrical items down to the last screw! Separating the different metals and plastics for the very best recycling possible.

Many of the items we ship as a company are large and heavy and need lots of protection. we have become very experienced at protecting items so they arrive in good shape.

By adding green packing to your cart you might receive many of the packing materials listed above and sadly many of them cannot be recycled back to there raw material but only can be reused. To help with this we try to not to mix the packing types used in your shipment. so your order might be entirely packaged with recyclable shredded cardboard, or all scraps of non recyclable plastics etc.

If you don’t add Green packing to your cart, we will ship reused newer looking packaging. bubble wrap etc




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