Exclusive Metal locating replacement battery cap and compartment with a 3 year warranty! for Trantec s5 Beltpack Transmitters

£65.00£419.00 +VAT

Repair kit including fitting with upgraded battery compartment and door with metal locators!
Some 20 years after trantec released the s6000 and then the trantec s5.3 and s5.5
the plastic battery door and compartment has always been a weak point.
After 10 years of development ULS Manufacturing have released a replacement with metal locators .WOW!
our product does not rely on any of the locating nibs /overhangs of the plastic battery door or compartment. in fact your compartment can be disintegrating all you need is a working hinge
so confident that our solution is robust we are offering a 3 year warranty! The modification using laser cut stainless steel to create completely new locating points and you pop the battery in the same as before!
With a plastic battery compartment and cap costing over £15 and there being no stock in the uk! and none forecast for 5 months! It will come as a relief to many that a solution has finally arrived
so for as little as £17.45 per beltpack transmitter you get a complete repair and refit service!
No matter what the condition of the transmitter battery compartment. not powering up etc you get a transmitter returned to you fully tested and working. we will even check the RF performance and transmission power on our Hewlett Packard £6k Rf test rig
no more taping the battery door shut or losing a microphone mid performance
you get all the parts and labour of our new spring steel battery door locator
just send us your transmitters complete with your broken battery doors and expect them returned to you within 2 working days 


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