ETC SOURCE 4 Jnr Profile

£74.99 +VAT

Refurbished in very good condition!
Silly cheap!
575w hpl lamp (equivalent to 1k tungsten)
Complete with:
working lamps!
Gel Frame
Good black silicone cable with black rubber 15amp round pin plug
Good cable gland
Good lamp base.
shutters complete
lamp adjustment controls correct
yoke grab handle correct
gel frame spring clip present and correct
lense adjustment knob present and correct
lense remove and cleaned 
All parts present and correct cosmetically these units are very clean and stand out compared the usual rough units on the second-hand market, with their paint splatters, gaffer tape marks. white pvc cables, missing knobs and the list goes on!
£69.99 for 4 or more!
Pictures of actual units
Hookclamp and safety bond not supplied – but available and in stock

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