Behringer x32 and Wing replacement motorised faders

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The Behringer X32 Motor Faders is a high performance motor faders for the Behringer X32 with a size of 100mm each. Designed to provide a high level performance for up to 300,000 cycles, the X32 Motor Fader is the same 100mm fader that comes in a X32 Digital Mixing Console. Each feature premium nickel-silver wiper fingers that float gently on the surface of a high-precision 10 kΩ linear resistive track for unparalleled longevity and accuracy. The Mabuchi drive motor has a gear and belt that moves the wiper assembly, and is crafted from high-quality nylon for fast and smooth performance and reliability.

The main features of the Behringer X32 Motor Faders include:


  • Motorised 100mm Faders for Behringer X32 Digital Consoles
  • High-Endurance: Up to 300.000 Cycle Lifetime
  • Premium Wiper Fingers (Nickel-Silver)
  • Material: High-Quality Nylon
  • High-Precision 10 kΩ Linear Resistive Track
  • Long-life Mabuchi Motor



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