Anytromnic prodim 10 followspot, house light dimmer 10amp

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The Pro-Dim 10 is a versatile single channel dimmer which can also be used for zero voltage switching of suitable
loads. It features a slider level control two analogue inputs
The unit can be used wall mounted, pole mounted or free standing and has a variety of output connection options.

  • Suitable for dimming control of incandescent, resistive, inductive/wound transformer loads,
  • and most dimmable electronic transformers for low voltage or cold cathode lighting 
  • C10 circuit breaker overcurrent protection
  • 60 mm slider level control (except on Slave versions)
  • Selectable dimming or zero voltage switching operation
  • +10 V reference voltage output for remote potentiometer connection
  • Dual 0-10 V analogue inputs (highest takes precedence)
  • Internal 0-25% preheat control
  • Setting for use with electronic ballasts
  • Recommended minimum load 100 W

Need a 15amp or 16amp outlet fitted on the side of the unit or a cable gland. please call us we can fit for you no problem


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