Rental, sales & repair of sound, lighting, video and stage equipment

We offer a full end to end service for events. Our world-class equipment and more than 20 years of experience and skills.

  • We specify and design to meet your needs
  • Hire and Sales of technical equipment
  • Installation of permanent equipment 
  • Complete sound, lighting and technical support for any event or production.
  • Servicing, Repair & Maintenance

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Design & Installation

We offer a full Design and Installation Service, whether this be for a show using hired equipment or a full refit or upgrade of a permanent installation.  The service includes.

  • Installing, adjusting and managing the sound, lighting, video and stage equipment
  • Creating light and video design and sound engineering
  • Executing the construction work and creating and planning the design of decorations for television studios and event locations
  • Planning and executing the construction work of suitable technical solutions to exhibitions

Service, Repair & Maintenance

  • We revive your broken kit!
  • Over 5000 Parts in stock
  • Vast library of circuit diagrams and service manuals kept in house
  • Large stock of reconditioned parts ideal for very cost effective repairs of older low value equipment